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The General Party Branch of Zonglian College

The general party branch of Zonglian College was founded in July 2007, belonging to Xi'an Jiaotong University college party committee. As the party's basic-level organization, under the unified leadership of the college party committee, it will be entirely responsible for ZongLian college party construction, ideological and political work and mass work. College general party branch bring into full play to the political core role, the role of the party branch as fighting forts and party member's cutting edge exemplary role, uphold Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" important thought as guidance, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress, and fulfill the scientific development concept, closely around the school party center work, with emphasis on the construction and development of the school. In order to improve the education quality and level and study the practice scientific development concept, it makes full use of the college party building as an opportunity to fully carry out the party's each work and actively expand the academy education teaching of the second classroom activities, creates a new situation of the college party construction unceasingly. For schools to fully implement the party and the country's line, principles and policies, it provides strong organization guarantee for the successful completion of each work, and actively implements the sound and rapid development of school's 12th five-year plan.

There are seven people in The general party branch , including two counselor members and five student teachers, respectively is general branch secretary He Yimin teacher, teacher commissioner Chen Yong teacher; Vice secretary Gao Leyang, Disciplinary members Gao Yuhao, organization committee Lv Haomin, propaganda committee member Wu Bo, learning committee member Cao Tongyu. Until December 7, 2013, there are existing branch 6, a total of 174 members, including 135 full members (including the teacher party members in 9 people), 39 probationary party members. All the students party members belong to four years, five years, 7 years of schooling, medical, and three different economics class of 14 different professional disciplines. All teacher party members with college degree or above, major involving economic, medical, etc. Teachers party has not yet established the party branch, all the teachers of party members participating in each grade of students' party branch. It is not only conducive to college party to build the second class, but also conducive to the communication between teachers and students, in a timely manner to resolve the problem of student party members.

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Youyou of Zonglian College

Youyou of Zonglian College (here in after referred to as youyou) was founded under the leadership of Zonglian college general Party branch, Zonglian academy all party member as the backbone and combined with all the students. It aims in actively promoting the branch and the Party members advanced construction, carrying out a full range of supervision and assessment mechanism, assisting the Zonglian college general Party branch work, and providing all the students with open and democratic communication platform and convenient and colorful living conditions. Youyou with advanced culture of the organization, the purpose-- to be "home" as the core concept of organization, stressing that "home" atmosphere being "rigid and soft". On the one hand, there is a strict system and test requirements for Youyou members, strict control of the construction of advanced organization itself; on the other hand, it pays attention to Youyou members' daily life communication, emphasizing each member of "Youyou family" a sense of belonging.

Youyou group consists of 5 presidium members, 10 Minister of group members, and director of group members of several components. As for the four departments, according to their purpose, they organize colorful activities about mutual solidarity cooperation, advance and rich culture. The organization Department is responsible for Youyou group global administrative work, group work and manage Youyou's standing personnel work discipline. The inspection department is responsible for the party's supervision and evaluation, conduct supervision and appraisal to each branch job, assist anting general Party branch and each branch of the activists, probationary Party members and Party members to carry out supervision and evaluation. The propaganda department is responsible for close contact with other departments comprehensive propaganda organization, idea, all the work and activities, close contact with students, to listen to the suggestions, improve the quality of work, and effectively serve the students while the conception party working department responsible for construction activities planning and organization, and assisting the job of general Party branch, each branch construction auxiliary respective characteristics, to drive the party members to serve students'  activities.

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Elegant Demeanour of the Branches

Under the leadership of the party, Zonglian college party of the Xi'an Jiaotong University actively practices the socialist core values,  organize a series of activities about carrying forward the patriotic, love for the party , to improve college students' moral cultivation, cultivate  university student party members quality, promote the all-round development of college students, and enrich the students' ZongLian under the leadership of the party, the Xi'an Jiaotong University college party actively practice the socialist core values, a series of carrying forward the patriotic, love the party spirit, to improve college students' moral cultivation, cultivate the activities of the university student party member quality, promote the all-round development of college students, and enrich the students' extracurricular life.

Party members' learning seminar - core values

The reds trip - visiting the eighth route army offices

The memory of martyrs, martyrs xi 'an martyrs cemetery

Organizing to carry forward the traditional culture display

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Zonglian College Communist Youth Corps Committee

Zonglian College Communist Youth Corps Committee is fully responsible for the college party building work, accredited by Xi'an Jiaotong University Academy representative organs, comprehensively guide subordinate nine student and college communities in the student work and promote its healthy development. Zonglian College Communist attaches great importance to the work of school and college ,under the leadership of the school and college party, based on member youth, adhere to the characteristics of development and innovation, to promote sound and rapid development of the college.

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Youth League General Branch

Youth League general branch is the basic unit of the group's work and activities, and the grassroot mass organization. It has the most extensive contact with members of the youth directly, simultaneously, is the group's each work display terminal, playing a central role in the unity and youth education.

The Basic Task of the League:

According to the articles of association of the communist youth league of China, article 25 of the provisions of the group's basic-level organization mission, the league's work can be summarized as the following four aspects:

1. Strengthen the ideological and political work of league members and the young.

2. Mobilize and organize youth member drive diligent study, comprehensive timber, development for the socialist modernization.

3. Be concerned about the youth interests, closely related young people. The communist youth league is the bridge and link of the party contacting with the youth.

4. Strengthen the education and management of team members, to do a good job of regular league branch.

The Construction of the League

1. Sound leading groups. The league is requested by a secretary of the general branch, a organization member, a propaganda committee member.

2. Organization system:

A. The sound system. Branch committee shall establish a system of "three meetings and a lesson", democratic election system, youth league card system, appraisal system, directing system, members participating in the activities work attendance checking system.

B. Implement and carry out the system, making the youth corps cell work step by step towards institutionalization.

3. Organizational life:

A. Show "three meetings and a lesson" system. Carry out the congress on regular dates, organize the members to study the basic theory of Marxism-Leninism, to make the youth strengthen their faith to the party and socialism.

B. Convey and implement the party and the superior league organization's directives and decisions, and lead the youth to tasks put forward by the party and the superior league organization.

C. Establish branch committee according to democratic election system every school year.

4. Develop members actively and in a planned way and open the door to all advanced youth.

5. The League's Style Construction and Social practice

A. Guide the construction of the youth corps cell good style of study, arouse the study enthusiasm of youth, and study specialized knowledge and expertise.

B. Be concerned about the interests of the youth league, and actively carry out culture activities suited to the characteristics of the youth (not less than twice per semester), to strengthen the youth corps cell's cohesion.

C. Organize the youth league to participate in the school youth volunteer activities, college students' community assistance activities, and use holiday social practice activities, to complete the practice tasks assigned by the superior league organization, according to the summary or social investigation report of work.

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Zonglian College Communist Student Union

Xi'an Jiaotong University communist student association is students' own organization directly leaded by the college communist, under the guidance of the college party committee, the school communist , and the college communist. Its purpose is to active student academic atmosphere, promote academic, stylistic aspects campaigns, provide students who are interested in rich campus life with the platforms to display talent by organizing activities in the national constitution, laws, decrees and the rules within the scope allowed by the university regulations, work independently.

Zonglian college communist Student Union attaches to Xi 'an Jiaotong university Student Union. As a college student organization, based on the college communist, in deck of Song and Ming dynasty college's cultivating habits of thinking, we makes developing the national ethics idea, the spirit in Europe and the United States the essence of the famous university residential college system, cultivating students' good personality, forming a good habit, improving the comprehensive quality for the idea, fostering leading high quality, innovativing talents on the development of the society our duty.

The student union changes the term of office and recruits new members regularly. At the end of every term, new presidium will be elected in the secretary group, ministers in the previous directors elected, while excellent freshmen will become stewards each academic year.

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The Affiliated Societies

Zonglian college affiliated organizations are a total of 9, 2 humanities and Social Sciences Association (speculative Society (West), I Lin book) , 3 artistic associations (drama club, Western hip hop club, music club, feeling), 2 clubs (Martial Arts Association, fans Association), 1 media ("University" magazine) , 1 public associations (Association of green). The communities actively carry out  unique cultural activities on campus, not only enriching our culture life so much, but also promoted the students cultural accomplishment's rise, showing the vitality and passion of the contemporary college students.

For each Affiliated Club affiliated the Zonglian college commission, the college give great help. Holding regular associations is responsible for the assembly, exchanging for community work problems, implementing the various associations responsible person responsibility, clarifying the relationship between community work and the work of students, encouraging the community bring forth the new through the old, reflecting emerging meteorological college lively and upward.

At the same time, the college has equipped all the affiliated clubs with the office, and provided materials as a helping hand to help the development of the clubs. In order to make the community freely develop,  with more modest assessment methods, other than submitting necessary year-end summary and other materials,  college usually exchanges with  persons in charge of associations, to record the community work situation forms, require students to be timely follow-up community activities, provide resources for insufficient resources association, and encourage them put forward positive comments and suggestions for the work of College Commission.

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