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To enrich students' extracurricular life and help their comprehensive development, Zonglian College offers three general education courses according to students' interests, giving them the opportunity to learn and the platform of communication. This enables students to master other skills at same time as they studying their specialized courses and develop more comprehensively, as well as improve their employment competitiveness and lay a solid foundation for their future successes, helping them realize the ideals.

Zonglian Photography Course

To improve undergraduate's all-round ability, Zonglian College has opened the photography course to broaden the students' horizon and make them get the comprehensive development. This general course is host by the college dean Mr Wang Hongwu, whose works have won many prizes in various photography contests. In the course, Mr Wang adopts the way of combining theory and practice according to his rich experience and skills in photography, opening the door for students who have the great love for photography.

Course Content:

1. Appreciate photography works

2. Correct exposure

3. Basic principles of photographic composition

4. Digital image and video's post production

5. Shooting practice

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Red Wine Tour

Zonglian College adopts educational reform and the dual constitution of curriculum, expanding the width of school education through the running of schools by non-governmental sectors, combining practice and theory and providing students the wide development platform towards the society and the future. Considering the popularity of the red wine culture and cooperating with Merlot Feel Wine Education, improve both the students' personal quality and their employment competitiveness, and expand their social circle, increase their bargaining chips in the competition in their future management position.

Course Content:

1. Visit the Chateau: experience personally of the charm of the red wine

2. Knowledge teaching: learn the relevant knowledge about red wine

3. Learning red wine testing: taste the red wine and learn red wine testing under the guidance of the teacher

4. Sharing and exchanging: exchange feelings after learning

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The Art of Public Speaking

Zonglian College has reformed in the education and opened the course, the Art of Public Speaking, considering the improvement of undergraduate's comprehensive ability and the employment stress nowadays. Teaching students how to communicate with others and present themselves, through the introduction of the knowledge and skills on public speaking, not only improves the students' competence, but also enhances their employment competitiveness, as well as help them expand their social circle and improve their social abilities, laying the solid foundation for their future development.

Course Content:

1. "Five tones and ten rhymes": master the correct method of pronunciation

2. Focusing on starting a conversation: master the ability of initiating topics

3. Skillful analysis: learn to analyze correctly of the information in a conversation

4. Sewing from fiber: learn to form your own opinion

5. Hidden but influential: master the ability of adjusting the conversation appropriately

6. Saving the words: master the ability to summarize and conclude logically

7. Preventing from embarrassment: learn how to lead the topic to avoid embarrassment

8. Etiquettes from everyday life: learn the etiquettes of everyday life that should be paid attention to

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