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Zonglian academy supports each grade students to participate in all kinds of racing , entrepreneurship and disciplines etc. such as TengFeiBei Challenge, Mathematical Modeling, and so on. College communist will invite organization people to the college each year in games, to encourage  talented and interested students to participate in, and actively provide students with help in the process of preparing . With the academy's strong support for opportunities for many students to realize self value, a large number of award-winning students, won the honor for college.

Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Zonglian strives for optimal first students in Mathematical Modeling Contest. The National College Students' Mathematical Modeling Competition is one of the largest in the national colleges and universities extracurricular activities of science and technology. In the game,with agile thinking, and active response to the challenge of courage, peaking bravely scientific spirit in modeling competition blooming, our students show the proud achievements of students in our university.

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Scientific Subjects

ZongLian students actively participate in the subject. Subjects is wide and have practical significance. The contents fully shows the contemporary college students' innovation consciousness and practice ability. They empower themselves with knowledge and ability, unity and cooperation to overcome the one and one topic, and repeatedly wins big honor for themselves and our college.

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"Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship" Contest

Zonglian people won three creative contest in competitions emerge every year. Nationwide colleges "creative innovation entrepreneurship" e-commerce challenge (hereinafter referred to as the "three") is the ground in the enterprise and the social reality, with entrepreneurial employment as the guidance, stimulate students' interest and potential, cultivate college students' creative thinking, innovation consciousness and ability, and team synergy of actual combat spirit in the academic competition. Zonglian academy actively encourages students to participate in and the teams usually get a good mark in every session of competition.

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